imageWhy am I a reluctant Paleo? Well, to start with, I’m actually a reluctant cook. I spent my entire life doing almost nothing but music until I finally realized that to have a healthy life, you have to take time to really cook some healthy food. And have a few hobbies.

And after 20 years being happily vegetarian, I discovered that I feel enormously better when I eat protein from actual meat sources, and don’t eat grains. I can actually sleep, and I no longer have stomach aches. You can read that whole story here, if you are interested.

I would probably still be vegetarian if I could, as I like the ideology of it. And I still crave soft, chewy bread (one of my favorite things!). I may not always have to eat exactly this way, but for now I’m beginning to enjoy this new culinary experience, and am grateful for the better health and the fun, new flavors it brings.

Why did I start this blog? I’ve always enjoyed being creative. I think it is one of the best gifts in life. I like to see projects finished, though, and cooking is never done. Meals are soon consumed and gone. Even these recipes are not permanent (this world shall someday pass away), but at least when I write them down I feel like I have accomplished a little something—if only to remind myself how to make things the same way again next time! If this little collection of recipes also encourages you in your own journey of healthy cooking, I will be delighted. Happy cooking, my friends!


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