Making Nut Flour

Since I do a lot of baking with cashew or walnut flour that I grind myself, I thought it might be helpful to post a tutorial on making your own nut flour, for those who may not have done it before. So here it is:

Place nuts in Cuisinart food processor. Process until crumbly. When crumbs start to turn into a paste at the bottom of the bowl, scrape sides and check consistency. Repeat until nut crumbs roll like play dough between your fingers. just past this stage, the nuts will start to become butter instead of flour, so keep an eye on it! That said…if you want nut butter, just run the processor a lot longer until nuts are completely smooth (note that some nuts may require additional oil to become entirely spreadable butter).

This does work in a Vitamix too, though getting uniform consistency is a little trickier.

And that’s all!



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